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Pool Rules

Small Children

Children under the age of 6 who cannot pass the swim test must have a parent within arm’s length reach at all time. A ratio of one adult per three children is required.

Swim Test

  • Children under the age of the 14 must pass a swim test to use the lap pool, entry area, slide, and/or river.
  • A Green Wrist Band is given if a child completes a 15-yard swim, with their face in the water and without stopping. If successfully completed, the swimmer may use the lap pool, entry area, slide and river. (If there is no scheduled closure or special event occurring in that area)
  • A Yellow Wrist Band is given if a child demonstrates comfort in the water and is at least 48” tall. If successful, the swimmer may use the entry area, slide and river.
  • A Red Wrist Band is given if a child is over the age of 6, is not 48” tall and does not want to stay within arms reach of a parent. If given a red wrist band, swimmers must stay in the zero-depth area of the pool unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • If a child does not wish to take the swim test they may stay in the zero-depth area.

Additional Rules

  • Swimmers must wear appropriate swimwear, no workout clothes or cut-offs
  • Swimmers must shower prior to entering the pool
  • No Running
  • No prolonged or repetitive breath holding
  • Regular diapers are not allowed. Swim diapers or plastic pants are required for all participants who are diaper dependent.
  • Follow the lifeguard rule, if a guest exhibits unsafe behavior we reserve the right to expel them from the swim area or center.
  • The Eaton Area Community Center Aquatics Department will require all worn flotation devices to be Coast Guard Approved. Flotation devices that meet this criteria will have a US Coast Guard Stamp of Approval on the inside of the device. If patrons are unsure whether their device meets this requirement, they are encouraged to consult an EAPRD Aquatics Staff Member.
  • This is not an all-encompassing list, for questions and additional rules ask for the head guard or manager on duty.